Mar 072017
 March 7, 2017  Exterior 8 Responses »
Restoring the Front Facade

Renovating the living room was one of the first major projects I undertook after moving into the condo. As my contractor, Gregg, started removing wallpaper and scraping old paint, he came across large swaths of water-damaged plaster and rotten woodwork along the front wall of the building. At the time, I assumed this was old continue reading

Sep 222014
 September 22, 2014  Exterior 19 Responses »
The Front Door is Done!

The front door is finally done, and it took most of the summer so I won’t draw it out any longer. Here’s the repaired and repainted front door: Let’s take a look at where I started a few months ago: The original paint on the door and surrounding side lights and transom was chipped and flaking and had even continue reading

Jul 032014
 July 3, 2014  Exterior 8 Responses »
Glazed and Confused

When we left off last time, I was agonizing over paint colors for my building’s front door, but I hadn’t actually made any progress toward painting the door. (Thanks, by the way, to all of you who offered color suggestions – I still haven’t bought paint, so you’ll have to wait for another post to continue reading